1. The subject of the system STS Partner is sponsoring of the websites of the Partners by STS.
2. STS will sign contracts only with the Partners chosen by STS.
3. Choice of the Partners will take place on the basis of reputation of the website of the Partner and analysis of statistics of the website.
4. Financial conditions will be the result of negotiations between STS and each Partner.
5. STS provides system Income Access as a tool for reporting.
6. The settlement period is a calendar month.
7. STS expresses its consent to use, by the Partner, of the combination trademark (logo) 'STS', for the purpose and within the scope necessary for performance of the sponsoring contract.
8. Graphic projects with the logo 'STS' that will be placed at the websites shall be agreed in advance with STS. These projects may be placed at the websites merely after having obtained a positive opinion of STS.